Actually a Doombot: Volrath’s Shapeshifter in Stronghold

Meaningful Name: “Gannet” is a type of bird. Dokuga and his gang are emotionally vulnerable despite being grown men, and they live in a society that oppresses them due to their inability to produce smoke. Some TV channels are made by ARD member stations, others by public or private competitors.. Nice Job Breaking It,…Read More

Also, the Namekian dragon can only be released by a password

Even when he has a perfectly legitimate point, the show sets him up to be “proven” wrong, mainly because he has the wrong attitude or goes about things the wrong way. Card Carrying Villain: As noted above. Naturally, the Firstborn is not happy about this, and despises humanity for being given what it was…Read More

The “emergency setting” interferes with all electronic devices

Mythology Gag: The town name Appleloosa is a reference to the earliest My Little Pony toys, which had Appaloosa spots on their flanks where subsequent versions would have what are now called Cutie Marks. His “plan”, however, is a distraction from the actual plan. The mass media of the time had no interest in…Read More