It’s announced dramatically as “the immortal classic!” Santa

Novelization: Contains lots of Purple Prose. Obliviously Evil: Conal Cochran not only doesn’t regret that his plan is going to potentially kill millions of children, he considers it to be a fun joke. Oddball in the Series: This is the only movie that isn’t involved with Michael Myers to create an anthology series. When that didn’t work out, the series went back to Michael’s story. Off with His Head!: What happens to one poor sod on the streets and a robotic Ellie herself at the end, via tire iron. Ooh, Me Accent’s Slipping: Averted and inverted. Cochran played by an Irish actor doesn’t have a strong Irish accent for most of the movie, but his pronunciation of Samhain in Irish Gaelic is exactly correct, and while explaining his evil plan his accent not only grows thicker, but less refined to sound more like country folk would. Public Domain Artifact: Conal’s Unobtanium comes from chips of Stonehenge. Pumpkin Person: One of the Silver Shamrock masks is a pumpkin. Pursued Protagonist: The film begins with Harry being chased by one of Cochran’s minions with a mask in hand. Robotic Reveal: When Dan punches one of Cochran’s minions in the gut, he manages to pull out wires covered in some slimy substance. And of course, Ellie is revealed to be one too. Shout Out: Halloween is playing on the TV in the bar, and again during the Horror thon (an odd choice considering Conal’s target audience, but whatever). It’s announced dramatically as “the immortal classic!” Santa Mira is the name of the town in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Fitting, no? The Sociopath: Cochran, to the point where he’s arguably as horrifying as Michael Myers himself. Theme Music Abandonment: The classic theme is not heard, because this was an attempt to take the series in a different direction Kind of. Bits of the original score surface when Challis was tied to the chair and the original Halloween is playing in the background, providing creepy music for the scene. This Is a Drill: Teddy is murdered by being stabbed through the ear with a power drill. Time Bomb: Frequently reminded through the TV/radio jingle :Commercial jingle: X more days to Halloween!

One year after the events of Creature from the Black Lagoon, another group of people arrive at the Black Lagoon to catch the Gill Man. They are successful, and the creature is taken with them to an oceanarium for study. As Gill Man is subjected to various tests, it develops interest on the ichthyologist Helen Dobson. Sure enough, Gill Man escapes his containment and later kidnaps Helen in a typical fifties monster movie fashion. Artistic License Biology: One of Prof. Ferguson’s displays is a demonstration of how a well fed cat won’t kill mice. This is true of many predators, but cats (sometimes) kill things for fun. The Cameo: Ricou Browning (Gill Man’s underwater actor) appears as a lab technician. Chekhov’s Skill: Gill Man is taught to stop moving on command. It comes handy in the ending.

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