Small Reference Pools: For some reason

Chad Lindsey such a nice person! Was a pleasure listening to him answer the questions with good sense of perspective on life he said it so well. It not our job to judge he a trained photographer There were lots of other folks on the platform closer who could possibly have helped. NYC subway system should post diagrams and/or provide information to it riders about what to do if they fall off the track, or are shoved off by crazies. no one seems to be knowledgeable about the space down on the track area towards the wall, epsecially on platform side. really. usually the problem is that the person falling has been injured or is unconcious and handling that body is difficult. rememver the incident years back when a person helped a fallen guy by lying on top of him as the train passed over them! but yes NYC subway system unlike many others does have space down by the tracks. check it out!!

Re release the Song: As mentioned above, he released “On the Other Hand” twice within a year. Rhyming with Itself: “Better Class of Losers” subverts this by rhyming “suite” and “sweet”. Small Reference Pools: For some reason, country radio tends to forget that he continued to have hits for at least a decade after “I Told You So”, which is usually the most recent song of his that you’ll hear regularly. Son of a Whore: One of the characters in “Three Wooden Crosses”. It turns out that the preacher telling the story to his congregation is the son of the hooker who survived the crash, who read the Bible that the preacher who died gave her to him. Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Said character’s mom. Pun Based Title: “On the Other Hand” refers to the other side of the argument and the hand where the narrator wears his wedding ring. Sympathetic Adulterer: The narrator of “Reasons I Cheat” may be interpreted in this way. While he admits to having an affair, the reasons he gives for doing so may make it seem not justified, but at least somewhat understandable. Talk About the Weather: “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather” is a line in “Forever and Ever, Amen”. Uncommon Time: The verses to “If I Didn’t Have You” are in 7/2. Vocal Evolution: On the songs he did as Randy Traywick in the 70s, he had a more swaggering voice that sounded like a mix between Waylon Jennings and Conway Twitty. By the time he signed to Warner, his voice quickly developed into his familiar reedy bass baritone. It happened again in the late 90s early 2000s when he started sounding older and more weathered. Your Cheating Heart: The narrator of “On the Other Hand” considers staying the night with the woman he’s with, but he’s married and despite Dead Sparks with his wife he knows he should go home to her. Since the last line of the song is the one about “the reason I must go”, Off Screen Inertia indicates he does go home in the end.

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