Despite some instances of gratuitous blood spilling (it is

For the first time ever in the international versions, the names of the individual Mons are no longer written in all capital letters by default. Despite some instances of gratuitous blood spilling (it is paying homage to monster movies after all) the comic is actually pretty tame beyond that, as there’s no swearing, nudity,…Read More

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Date Rape Averted: The girl who vomits her intestines is making out with a boy before she sees the priest, engages in said vomiting, turns into a zombie and rips the boy’s brain out. Friend to All Living Things: Chappie has no desire to hurt anyone, and befriends humans and dogs, thanks to Deon’s…Read More

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It ends in murder. It seems like this will be the last we see of her. With Pam locked in the passenger side. Molesley. Things turn out for the better though, as they both begin dating at the end of the manga. Badass Bookworm: Mrs. Karma Houdini: In the 2002 version, Devdas’ sister in…Read More